Stripe 355 Rocks, 35cl - strawberry daiquiri drink in a premium unbreakable polycarbonate glass from Barcompagniet.

Stripe 355 Rocks

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Stripe 355 R is a top-of-the-line premium quality unbreakable glass, manufactured in polycarbonate. The glass has a unique design that makes potential scratches disappear. The glass has the same dimensions as Ed Rocks 35,5 cl or Venture Stacking as it is also called. Since it has the same dimensions, a transition to this new exclusive model is very smooth. The glass stacks very well. Thanks to the heel inside the glass it is easy to separate the glasses after washing dishes. It’s perfect for night clubs and bars that need many glasses and often have very little space. Suitable for dish washers. Tested for 2000 washes.

Unbreakable quality
All of our models are premium unbreakable plastic glasses (mostly polycarbonate). We offer many sorts of glass tumblers such as highball glasses and lowball glasses. The models are suitable for serving all types of beverages such as drinks, soda and water. However, they are also perfect for warm beverages such as hot chocolate or caffe latte due to the superior isolation compared to ordinary glasses.

Several benefits
Unbreakable glasses are the perfect alternative for nightclubs, bars or restaurants that put safety first and wish to live up to the regulations regarding broken glasses. Many of our customer save up to two hours of cleaning every night and experience less damage to their floors and interiors.

Many application areas
The glasses are suitable for many areas, situations and occasions. These are just some examples:
• Nightclubs
• Bars
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• SPA:s
• Pool areas
• Boats
• Trailers
• Picnics

Additional information

Additional information

Product Weight

Polycarbonate, FDA Approved

Master Carton


Färg alternativ

Specialfärg möjlig vid större kvantiteter.

Logotype möjlig


Tål maskindisk

Ja, testad att klara 2000 diskar utan anmärkning

EAN Kod Kartong


EAN Kod Innerkartong


G. Weight 16 kg
Carton Dimensions 40 × 29.5 × 40.5 cm

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