Terms & Conditions

    Conditions for trading on Barcompagniet.se

  • Any prices quoted are always exclusive of VAT and shipping. The price applicable is that indicated the date the customer places his order.
  • We reserve the right for any errors on the website.
  • We reserve the right to webpage validity change prices and / or conditions.
  • Standard delivery in Sweden: From our warehouse in Vellinge.
  • Transport damage of goods must be reported to the driver upon delivery, the injury must be approved by Barcompagniet.
  • Make sure also that the number of packages matches the delivery note before you sign the delivery note.
  • If the number of packages is correct, this must be reported to the driver.
  • Discrepancies must be notified within 7 days of receipt of the complaint to be valid.
  • Subject to any final sale.
  • We sell B2B and not to private individuals.
  • In the billing we need your organizational conditions.
  • Delivery is made to the customer typically within 2-3 days if the goods are at our store.
  • When ordering non-stock products, it is the delivery information that you receive the quote that apply.
  • The ownership of goods passes to the customer only after full payment.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the address indicated to us when ordering is correct for delivery.
  • Unclaimed deliveries or supplies which have not been collected and other expenses incurred by us as a seller, we own the right to charge customers for costs.

Returns / Complaints

  • Before goods are returned Barcompagniet must be contacted for more detailed instructions.
  • In order to be credited for returned goods they must be accompanied by a completed return form.
  • Once opened can not be returned.
  • Wrong orders are credited at 80% of the sum, and the customer is free to arrange return shipping and bear the costs, terms up to 1 month from the date of invoice.
  • Items not in stock or on order can unfortunately not be returned. Return of dirty and / or used can not be accepted

Washing instructions

NOTE: Information on washing of the PC glass.
In order to maintain the longest life possible, please check with your detergent supplier that you use a detergent and rinse aid which are suitable for plastic PC products. Some detergent and rinse aid can cause cracking of the plastic – this type of error is not attributable to manufacturing defects and does not guarantee eligible. Calls therefore for products tailored for polycarbonate in the procurement of detergent and rinse. Recommended washing temperature is max 70 degree.