Barcompagniet is a Swedish company that has been designing and selling premium unbreakable plastic glasses to top hotels, nightclubs and brands for several years. Our entire range of products is manufactured with the highest quality food-safe polycarbonate, compliant to strictest EU standards.

It’s hard to believe these glasses are plastic

We make sure our customers never need to compromise on quality when it comes to using unbreakable glassware. Here you can see examples of our glasses in action. Follow us on Instagram if you want to see more.


Everything you do will effect your brand image

When staying at a 4 or 5 star hotel you expect to get your drinks served in high-quality glasses. You expect the same exclusive feeling visiting top bars and nightclubs. This includes also your plastic glasses.
Many of your guests are well aware of the really nice plastic glasses that exists on the market. For instance, in Scandinavian countries, most hotels, bars and nightclubs use our premium glasses today. The guests are used to being served drinks in premium plastic glasses and if you approach them with a low-quality version, they will get really disappointed.

The Perfect choice

To help you deliver a first class experience, that reflects what your hotel, bar or nightclub stands for, our premium unbreakable plastic glasses is the perfect choice. We make sure you live up to the quality your guests expect.

The power of internet
and social media

Today, the internet and social media are important tools in the hotel, bar and restaurant
industry. Your guests use them to search for new experiences and to review recent ones.
And you use them to promote your hotel, bar or nightclub.

Positive impact

With plastic glasses that have the same premium-feeling as your brand, you have great opportunities to get positive likes, shares and feedback from your audience. An influencer staying at your hotel or visiting your bar or nightclub with more than 100.000 followers on, for example, Instagram, can do a lot of good for your brand if they are happy with the glasses their drinks are served in.

Negative impact

At the same time, that influencer may harm your brand irreparably if they post a picture of a drink served in a cheap-looking plastic glass served in your hotel, bar or nightclub. Dislikes and negative comments travel fast in today’s digital global landscape.

To think about

You would probably not use fast-food-restaurant-looking paper napkins in your nice hotel even if that is a cheap solution. The same way, you shouldn’t use cheap plastic glasses that don’t match your brand when serving drinks in the pool bar or anywhere else in your hotel for that matter. Our premium unbreakable plastic glasses help you get the right positive impact.

Use our premium glasses in all areas

Our glasses provide the perfect solution for so many of your business needs. Some of the areas perfect for our products include:

  • Outdoor restaurant

  • Hotel room

  • Bar & nightclub

  • Breakfast

  • Welcome drink

  • Congress

Learn more about how our products can support your business.

Big difference in quality between plastic glasses

When you are looking for high quality glasses, it’s important to analyze what plastic materials they are made from.

A real glass-like experience

We always strive to make our plastic glasses as glass-like as possible with the right weight and quality.
Contact your local representative from Alvarez if you also wish to experience the glass-like feeling of our superior glasses.

High-quality glasses

The material we prefer to use is Polycarbonate, which gives the glasses in our Superior range many benefits.

  • Virtually unbreakable even if you drop them on a hard floor
  • Stand the test to manage 2000 dishes without any remarks (this applies to our Superior range)
  • Stay clear so you don’t need to replace them very often
  • Have a weight similar to glasses made from real glass
  • Offer the guest a great glass-like experience
  • Extremely rigid and durable
  • Offer the guest his or her drinks at the right temperature longer, as our glasses have superior insulation properties compared to other materials

Cheap looking glasses

Glasses in materials like Acrylic and SAN have many disadvantages.

  • Stand less dishes before they get milky and loose clarity
  • Are not unbreakable and can be broken if you drop them
  • Need to be replaced rather often
  • Have a low-quality, light weight, plastic feeling
  • Often offer the guest a less good experience

Increased sales and profitability for you

Increased Profitability

More guests buy more drinks when you serve in them premium high quality glass


Using our Premium unbreakable glass that are testes for 2000 dishes is much more cost-efficiency since you need to invest in new glasses less often.

Satisfied guests – stronger brand

Positive guests will give good reviews in social media which will lead to more guests

Time is money

When you use our glasses that has a solid bottom your staff doesn’t have to poor out water and dry all they glasses when they come out of the dishwasher. They can focus on selling drinks to the guests in-stead (most chesper plastic glasses has a fake bottom which collects water)

Increase your profit!

If you have a net margin on each sold drink
of 5 Euros, and our premium glasses help you
sell 50 extra drinks per day calculated on
180 days a year, you will increase your profit
by 45.000 Euros – per bar/restaurant/hotel.

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How can we help you?

If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please contact us by email.

We recommend ordering samples so you can see and feel the difference when you compare with other plastic glasses in the market.

If you are interested in ordering our glasses in Spain please send an email and we will get back to you with more information and contact information to the wholesaler.