About Barcompagniet

Barcompagniet – designs, produces and sells premium unbreakable plastic glasses.

Our aim is to offer designer premium unbreakable plastic glasses at very favorable prices. We have put great effort into our glass so that it should feel like real glass – with good weight, high strength and finish. We have placed great emphasis to ensure glasses have the right measures so as to avoid costly over-serving, something that is very important in shot glasses.

There is a great difference in the quality of various plastic glasses so our advice is to always ask for samples to feel and compare. They may look similar in photo but in reality it can be like night and day in terms of weight, look and feel.

All glass sold by Barcompagniet is made from the highest quality materials. The materials are FDA approved and certified according to EU standards.

If you wish to order large quantities of volume please get in touch for a quote.