Care Instructions


Our glasses are manufactured from polycarbonate. The material is Food & Drug approved and conforms to the regulations 2012 including (EU) No 10/2011. It has superior strength over other plastic materials and therefore the products are virtually unbreakable.

Care Instructions

The glasses can be cleaned the same way as ordinary drinking glasses and is completely dishwasher safe. For hand washing, please use a soft sponge, washing-up-brush or a microfiber cloth. NEVER use abrasives brushes or cloth, steel wool or other sharp utensils for cleaning plastic products. Dry with a soft cloth, please note using a harsh abrasive or rough cloth may cause damage to the appearance.

In order to maintain the longest life possible, please check with your detergent supplier that you use a detergent and rinse aid, which are suitable for plastic PC products. Some detergent and rinse aid can cause cracking of the plastic – this type of error is not attributable to manufacturing defects and does not guarantee eligibility. Calls therefore for products tailored for polycarbonate in the procurement of detergent and rinse. Recommended washing temperature is max 70 degree.

Some advice about polycarbonate glasses

Do not use benzene, alcohol, ester or organic solvents for cleaning our products. Don’t leave glasses where you used greasy and diary products like, milk, coffee, tea standing of a longer period as they then might leave a rim. Polycarbonate products are incredibly tough so it will scratch other polycarbonate products if allowed to rub together.