Stripe Champagneglas 18cl från Barcompagniet. Här med Champagne på Strandtuggs uteservering i Höllviken.

Stripe Champagne Glass 18cl



A very exclusive unbreakable Champagne plastic glass perfect for occasions when you can not use ordinary glasses but still want it to feel exclusive and luxurious. It can be in the SPA department in hotels or outdoor cafes in hotels and restaurants, for example: at the nightclub. The glasses are perfect in the garden, especially if you have a pool or hot tub. They also work great in the boat or motorhome or why not when you have a picnic.

These unbreakable plastic glasses look like real glass. Perfect for Champagne, Cava or why not a little Aperol Spritz.

This striped glass has a unique design that gives the glass a very exclusive look.

Additional information

Additional information


18 cl / 5.8 oz

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Plastglas, Polycarbonate, FDA Approved

Logotype möjlig

Ja, vid större beställningar och god framförhållning.

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Ja, testade att klara 2000 diskar utan anmärkning.



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